Friday, September 11, 2009

Virginia is for Book Covers

My name is Marlo. I am 42 years old and I have NEVER put a book cover on a book. Apparently Virginians like to protect their textbooks. Book covers were on the supply list. I tried to buy nice cloth ones, but they didn't fit. Then I tried to buy paper ones, but the school supplies had already been replaced by Halloween supplies. Poor Will keeps bringing his books home for me to put covers on. They are HEAVY and our bus stop is 1/4 mile from our condo! Last night I got desperate and IRONED a paper sack and followed the directions on the internet to cover one of his books. Then Jacob got home and said that he had to cover his book too. Yikes! So I bought some wrapping paper. Now Jacob's book is wrapped up in bright red paper. It took me forever! I know that tonight, Will will bring the rest of his books home for me to wrap. Maybe with practice I will get better.

Bus Failures

After missing Audra and Will's bus the first two days of school, I have given up. It comes at 7:05am! We are the first stop on the first run. Which means that after our bus drops of the first group of kids it goes back out for a second group. I have added a new requirement for our new house--a second run bus stop!


polly's path said...

yes, the old book covers. Our new school requires them covered in a specific brand of book sock, in an odd size which is only sold, guess where, at the school library- at $3 a pop. We have 7 books in 6th grade this year. It stinks.
And, if that's not wild enough, you get "punished" if you don't cover the books by the 3rd day of school.

Shelley said...

I remember wrapping my own text books in paper like you've done. This year they were selling the "skins" up at school. Thankfully I thought to go to "5 Below" and found them for $2/each. Just FYI in case you end up needing some. ;-)

Reba said...

Hmmm, book covers sound like...a pain? You are creative though. I hope and pray your house will be on the second bus route. :)

Lauren said...

I may have to mail you some book covers... we had to do that this year, too.
Seriously... I think I can find some jumbo ones for you if you want them.
Praying for you all,

Liz said...

So y'all never had to cover the books in OK? That's wild! All throughout the years I was growing up, I had to cover my textbooks (remember, I'm just across the TX/OK border from where you were before the move). I just assumed everyone had to do it.

Michelle Murphy said...

I remember covering my books when my family lived in Georgia and Florida. We just used paper bags, though - nothing fancy or costly, and I could decorate them myself which gave me something to do while in a boring class. :)