Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picnic at Pony Pasture

I love the title of this post. It sounds like a book that Audra would read. It's really the title of the day trip we took yesterday. We found a place that Will says is BETTER than Incredible Pizza. It's located on the James River--only a short drive from our house. There are no ponies and no pasture, but there are giant rocks/boulders in the river. The rocks create white water rapids. The river was low yesterday so the rapids were small and we could jump (or wade) from one rock to another. Families were there having picnics in the middle of the river on the boulders. It was great fun and Will is begging to go back.

Will takes a flying leap

Audra and Asta in the James River

Church Shopping

Before we moved, I was looking forward to visiting different churches, but I'm done now. I'm ready to stop being the visitor. I'm ready to know where the bathrooms are. I'm ready to find a small group where I can share. What I like about visiting churches is that I can wear the same thing every week since I see different people every Sunday! What I don't like is feeling out of place. Two of the churches we've visited as guests of other members. That wasn't so bad because at least we had someone to help us find our way around. When we have walked in off the street, it hasn't been so easy. This morning was downright awkward. If it's hard for me--someone who's been to church every week of her life--think how hard it must be for someone who's never been. I hope this will make me more sensitive someday when I'm the one who knows where the bathrooms are.


Rosemary said...

When we move to AZ 4 years ago, we didn't find our church home for 4 months. It had never taken us that long before and it become very tiring going to a new church every Sunday. We also had "going to a new church clothes" that we wore every Sunday. haha. Just remember God has already been there ahead of you and is preparing a very special church just for your family.
Rosemary Boswell

Reba said...

The picnic spot sounds wonderful...I love family times like that. I hope you find a church soon. I do think "church shopping" is hard. I think the hard part (at least for me) is that I don't always know who the visitors are at my church because of our size. Anyway, hope you find something soon.