Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally Reached my Limit

I was the Mystery Reader for Will's class today. At his school they have the parents sign up to read to the class every other week. It is a surprise for the kids because they don't know who is coming. When I walked in, they were all sitting on the floor with their eyes closed. Of course none of them knew me except Will. We had a GREAT time. I loved every minute.
Before I went, I spent all morning trying to find the perfect book. I researched "read aloud books for third grade" on the internet then went to the library. I found several books on my list of possibilities, but the one I really wanted was checked out. They had a copy at a different library so I had to make another trip. Because the first library hadn't checked my books back in, I could only check out one more book before reaching my limit. I found the book I wanted and maxed out my library card--50 books! I guess I need to get the kids their own cards because only 3 of those books are mine.

A New Friend

I sent a note with Will to give to his friend to give to his mom. It's hard to invite someone over when you don't know their phone number, address, or last name. Finally tonight I had a message from new friend's mom saying that her son would love to come play on Saturday. She said I could call her back and then she said, "My phone number is..."BEEP Cut off by the answering machine! Hopefully she will call back tomorrow.
Thank you to those of you who are sending Will cards. I will let him be the one to check the mailbox the next few days :-)

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