Thursday, September 17, 2009

The new book covers are here! The new book covers are here!

That title is funny if you have seen the movie "The Jerk". If you haven't, then you probably just think I get excited about every little thing. But the new book covers ARE here. We received two packages of them in the mail yesterday so we should have plenty--and just in time. Audra's science book had to be covered by tomorrow. It is now sporting a sassy new Tinkerbell design. She thinks she might be too old for Tink, but right now she loves fairies. Lucky for her, if she outgrows Tink during the year, we have more bookcovers waiting to be used. Thank you Lauren and Grammy for meeting that need!

Something Bad

I am trying to get the kids to be positive thinkers. I want them to see the good and be thankful rather than just seeing the bad and being critical. This week we have been praying for something good to happen each day at school. On Monday I asked Audra if anything good had happened at school. She said, "No, but something bad happened."
(Oh no, did someone pick on my little girl? Was she shunned by the popular crowd? Did she give a wrong answer and everyone laughed? What????)
"Oh really, what happened?"
"We had PE today and it was hot and we had to play SOCCER!"
If that's the worst thing that has happened I think things are going pretty good.

Lord, open our eyes to see the good in our days and be thankful. Forgive us for focusing on the bad--especially when it's not so bad.


Marianne said...

Hey there, I am a little slow on the uptake, but I finally found your new blog and am excited to continue following you guys!! What kind of job is it that R is doing?

Rosemary said...

I love this photo of Anna. It's a favorite of mine. :)