Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finding our way

We took the kids to their new schools today to meet their teachers. It was organized chaos as we navigated the strange hallways. I did meet another mom in one of the lines who recommended an orthodontist and a dentist. Then she gave me her phone number in case I needed to ask her anything else. Way to be friendly Tina!
We were a little disappointed when Audra's teacher told us that her name is pronounced "Ferris" and not "Fairies". Oh well, that will have to be close enough. Will is one of three Wills and one of two Will S's. I'm sure that will be fun for his teacher. We were in a bit of shock as we stumbled out of the last school after finding the classrooms, paying the fees (middle school is not quite "free"), trying to figure out which bus the kids were on, finding our packets of information, getting Jacob's gym uniform, trying to switch math classes, buying locks for the lockers, etc.
After dinner we retreated to one of our favorite places....the library. We finally had some cancelled mail that showed we were official residents so that we could get our library cards. It was a pleasant experience let me tell you. Those were some nice librarians. They helped us get our cards, find our books, and then gave us coupons for free ice cream and slushies. I felt like I left with my books and a new friend, Mary the librarian.
So, all in all, it was another day of adjustment. Another day of transition. Richard reminded me of when we moved to Oklahoma and I didn't have any friends. It seems like it took YEARS to develop the close friendship I cherish today. I hope it doesn't take years here. I hope I am better at reaching out to others. I hope my kids are able to build strong friendships here. I hope. I pray.


Darla said...

Yay for new beginnings! Like the new blog!

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing!Love your new blog also hope to keep in touch, wish i could have know you better when you were here but know i will have you and your family in my prayers.

Reba said...

I am so glad to be able to follow you here. Your blog (Anna Jane's blog) has been one of the few that I have checked faithfully. I have come to love your family (not in a stalked kind of way but a God kind). All that to say, I am pressing on with you!