Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Better Day

Jacob's described his second day of school as a "7". That's a big improvement from the day before. He said he made friends at lunch and on the bus. Then last night he wanted to go to a nearby church for a youth group meeting. I was so proud of the way he just got out of the car and walked up to a group of people he didn't know. Thank you for praying for him!

Yesterday I found a house in the country that has a garage apartment for out-of-town guests. It's on an acre lot and backs up to the training center where Richard will be spending part of his time. It's located in South Anna Estates off of South Anna Drive and the school is South Anna Elementary School. Hmmm... Why didn't we see this house on our internet searches before? Answer: because it was just marked down $30,000 and is only now in our price range. Sounds great---except now my kids are happy in their new schools with their two-day old friendships.

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Karlee said...

They might be able to stay in that school now that they've started there. It's a matter of talking to the right people normally. But, who knows what God may have in store for them at this new school.