Monday, September 21, 2009

Life's a Beach

We made the first of hopefully many beach trips Saturday. It was quite fun for a bunch of land-locked Oklahomans. At first Audra said that she was going to wait for the waves to die down before she got in. We told her that wasn't going to happen so she plunged right in and loved it. September is a great time to go to the beach if you don't mind a brisk north wind when you get out. Today I am washing the sheets because somehow the sand got in them even after our showers. Audra was still digging sand out of her ear during church yesterday!

Audra turned Jacob into a mermaid!

Will thought it was warmer under the sand.

Audra LOVED the beach!

Will's Special Day

Will's birthday is Saturday. We had a party before we left Oklahoma, but I would like for his "real" birthday to be special as well. I think he would love to get some cards in the mail. If you would like to send one, please email me and I will send you our address. He does have one new friend and I am hoping his mom will trust me enough to let her son come over and play. If not, it will just be the five of us celebrating. Will wants to have a whipped cream pie fight.....hmmm, not sure that's going to happen!

(Yea! I can add pictures now. Scroll down to see more pictures on previous posts.)


polly's path said...

would love to send a card!
Just leave me a comment with address!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your new blog and hearing about all the new things you are doing. I enjoyed all the pictures, but the pictures at the beach are great .... especially the one of Audra looking so exuberant in the ocean! I know how she feels. I grew up in N. C. near the Atlantic and love the ocean!
Please send your address so I can send Will a card. How old is he?
Betty Jean

Nicolle said...

Audra looks so joyful! Great pics!

polly's path said...

A card and a surprise on the way from GA!

Happy Saturday, Will!!!