Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How hard can it be?

Today I got a call from the woman in charge of the lunchroom volunteers.   She was kind enough to give me some "inside" information as I prepare to take my place as a "lunch buddy".

1.  "There are no knives in the lunchroom.  If someone insists they need a knife, you can give them two spoons and tell them to do their best."
2.  "Stay away on waffle day.  There are no knives so they can't cut their waffles and they can't open the syrup packages by themselves so you will be busy the WHOLE time."


Anonymous said...

OMG, is this what it has come too??? *Why* can't the kids use a plastic knife?? Do the powers that be really think the kids will all turn into psychotic killers the second a knife is in their hands, and will start stabbing each other? I am guessing the kids use scissors in class? How is that OK but a paper knife isn't?

Rita B

Kelly said...

I agree, that's quite a stringent rule. At least let them have plastic knives.

Trying to think of a witty retort on Rita's scissor speculation. They have to hinge two plastic forks together for classroom use?

polly's path said...

I am laughing. Almost the exact same conversation I had with the lunch lady years ago when I served as lunch helper at my daughter's school. The subject of her warning was burger day and the ketchup packets.

Jason said...

Are you going to be a lunch buddy in prison? Sounds sort of rough.

Shelley said...

Definitely call in "sick" if you get assigned to macaroni & cheese and peas day! I think it took me a week to get that stench out of my nostrils. Yuck!!!!!!!!!! ;)