Thursday, March 11, 2010


While I was waiting for Audra and Will after school yesterday I was standing next to some of the moms from Will's baseball team.  They were talking about a 5k run that one of them was in charge of.  After a while they noticed my blank expression and explained, "It's a run we do every year to benefit a local charity.  Our Pine Run neighborhood has a team."
After listening to them a little longer I asked, "Did you say that the charity is ASK?"
"Yes.  It's an organization that helps families who have a child with cancer."
I said,  "I know what it is." Then I added very softly so that only the mom right next to me heard, "We go there once a week." (They host the support group Audra and I go to.)
She looked at me, "You go there?"
"Yes.  I had a daughter die of cancer."
"Oh, you must know Amy then.  She lives in our neighborhood and she works for ASK.  Her son is a cancer survivor."
"No.  I haven't met her."
(I didn't know anyone in our new neighborhood had a child with cancer.  I didn't know that our neighborhood had a team that supports an organization that helps cancer families.  I didn't know I would find a place like Ally's House here in Richmond.)
"Would you like to be a part of the race?"
"Yes. I would."


Jennifer Linck said...

Yea! That's a great story Marlo...Isn't God good.... :) So glad you are going to get to be a part of the run!!

Reba said...

I love how God works.

Elaine said...

God goes before us!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Marlo!!!!!!!!

Liz said...

VERY cool!!!

polly's path said...

for those who believe in coincidences. For the rest of us...