Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,
Thank you for going to the Easter Cantata with us last night--even though we didn't give you a choice.  Your poor mom just needs to be  reminded again and again that Jesus has the power over death.   I need the hope of the resurrection.  I cannot live without the power of the cross and knowing that because Jesus lives, your sister lives too.  I NEED Easter.  So thank you for dragging yourself away from your homework so that I could get the encouragement I so desperately need.

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Deb said...

We all need to be reminded of the power of the cross! I had a similar conversation with Jonathan yesterday after weeping over some glorious Easter music we heard.

May I share the text to one of the songs we heard?

Light of the world with hope fills the sky, for gone is the power of the darkness; the tomb that held the Song of God breaks with a cry from heaven. "He who was dead is risen!" Up from the grave ascended, the reign of death is ended. So shall we live for His cross has gone before. Christ has spoken all our freedom. He's broken all our bondage. And opened God's heavens to man.

O saints rejoice and lift up your voice, for we bear the wounds of our Saviour; and just as Christ was crucified, now we who are buried with Him are raised in newness with Him. We share His resurrection, our blessed liberation!

So shall we live and so shall we reign in glory and power, now and forever. So shall we live. Blessed the name of the Lord!

from Saviour by Nelson and Farrell