Friday, March 12, 2010


Last night Audra and I went to our grief group and found out that her small group leader also lives in our neighborhood.  She made a point to tell me afterward that nothing Audra or I say would be repeated to any of the neighbors.  (She doesn't know I'm pretty much an open book.)  I told her that she didn't have to give them any details, but that if she could just tell everyone how great we are, that would be fine.

Do you remember on the first day of his new school when someone told Will that he was one of the two weirdest boys in the class?  His new friend is the other weird boy.  (Will said, "We kind of match.") Yesterday was his friend's birthday and his mom told him he could invite one friend over after school.  He chose Will!  Yea for new friends!

CU in DC
Jacob is headed to WASHINGTON DC for a Christian youth conference this afternoon.  Yea for youth trips!  I think it is SO cool that we live close enough to drive to DC.

Thank you Lord for neighbors, for friends, for youth groups, and for holding our hand and leading us on.

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Thinking of you all.