Monday, February 1, 2010

(Trying to)Be anxious about nothing

Since we moved in two weeks ago, Audra and Will have been going to their "old" school.  Now that the semester is over, they will be moving to their new school tomorrow.  Please pray for them to stand firm and trust in God.  Pray that they will "connect" with  friends quickly.  Jacob didn't change districts so he gets to stay where he is.  He  spent the night with two different friends this weekend so he is doing well socially.   Will and Audra miss having close friends to do things like that.  We are still hoping for a friend down the street for each of them.

Congratulations to our friends J and K who delivered their baby boy yesterday.  We wish we could be there to hug on him and on you!


Anonymous said...

Praying for Audra and Will.
~Kim from TN

Charles & Karen Tackett said...

Marlo, took the house tour on Jan 23 and looked at all the scenery pictures. We love that part of the country. Praying for you, Richard and the children as you settle in to the house, neighborhood and school. Love you!
Charley & Karen

Lauren said...

will keep them in my prayers!!!
keep us posted. they are such great kids, I know they will connect soon, and I will pray that.
lots of love~