Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keep going

Last night we were watching "Facing the Giants" and we got to  the "death crawl".  In this scene, one of the football players is blindfolded and has to carry another player on his back while he crawls down the field.  The player keeps yelling, "It hurts!"  and the coach is right there in his ear, "I know it hurts!  Keep going!  I know it hurts!  Don't quit!"
I started bawling.
Because it does hurt.
Losing a daughter hurts.
Unpacking Anna's things and then packing them back up and taking them to the attic hurts.
Moving away from friends and family hurts.
Watching my kids struggle to fit in hurts.
Life hurts.
And I want to scream "It hurts!"
And I want to quit.
And God is right there beside me saying, "I know it hurts.  Keep going.  I know it hurts.  Don't quit."


Reba said...

Oh, so very true. You always say such incredibly deep theological things but in such a way that I can understand and relate. I am doing a Bible Study right now with a book "One in a Million". One of the things it talks about is how the people of Israel were led out of Egypt. Because He knew they would have felt defeated taking the straight path to the Promised Land (with wars and such), instead He led them to the wilderness. How those people must have felt being led there...yet He knew what they needed. Sometimes life is not fun. It hurts. And we are stuck in the wilderness waiting to go to the Promised Land.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. And as always, thinking of Anna every day.
~Kim Waggoner
Kingston, TN

Nikkie said...

God is so faithful to be right there with us,isn't He?....and it seems like especially when we want to quit. Thanks for your honesty!