Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waiting for the man

I'm waiting for the man again today.  Monday it was the toilet-man, yesterday it was the drywall-man, and today it's the microwave-man.  I really liked the toilet-man because he taught me how to change the "seat and spring" in the faucet so that it doesn't drip anymore and because he fixed the toilet that was "phantom flushing."  I hid from the drywall-man because I forgot he was coming and I had already changed into my pajamas (at 7:30pm).  I don't usually do that, but I guess because Audra and Will were getting ready for bed, I thought I would too.  (They had to get ready early so they could watch part of American Idol.)  I think I will like Micro-man, because when he leaves I will be able to thaw out my meat in two minutes instead of two hours.

Since I've been home during the day, I have had the TV turned to the Olympics.  The past few days I have watched curling, curling and more curling.  I'm not convinced that it is a sport, but I have watched enough that I can tell which team is not very good--even with the sound turned down.  I can also appreciate a good double knock-out.  Since some of those women are 45, I figure it's not too late for me.  I can train in my own kitchen to be a "sweeper" or whatever those people are called who sweep the ice in front of the rock.  If you've never watched it, it's pretty funny....unless you are a curler, then it's serious business.

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