Monday, February 22, 2010

Say no to "food deserts"

Okay, how many of you when you saw that headline yesterday, first thought Michelle Obama was saying no to chocolate cake and apple pie?  Personally, fighting obesity by saying no to "food desserts" makes a lot more sense than "food deserts".  I told my kids that the next time they look in the pantry and say there is nothing to eat, they can complain about the "food desert."

Today I feel like we are in a desert--not a food desert--but a wilderness experience.  This morning the kids were talking about what they want to do when they go back to Oklahoma this summer.  They keep mentioning things that we can only do in Oklahoma.   They also want to go back to the camp we've gone to in Branson the past three years.  They want to go BACK because now is HARD.  I understand.  They miss their friends.  I do too.   I feel like Moses when the Israelites complained that they wanted to go back to Egypt because the food was better and because they didn't like wandering around in the desert.  (Hey, where is that promised land anyway?)  I have to keep leading my "people" through this desert and trust that God is leading me.

Lord, I don't know where all this is going
Or how it all works out
Lead me to peace that is past understanding
A peace beyond all doubt
(Lord I Don't Know, Newsboys) 

Counting my blessings....

Last week I got an email out of the blue from someone inviting me to tea because she wanted to get to know me.  We had a great visit and are having lunch with some other ladies on Friday.  Thank you Lord!

I enrolled Audra in the Christian Youth Theater drama class.  She got the last spot.  Thank you Lord!

We had old friends to dinner Friday night.  I met them when I lived in Africa 20 years ago and hadn't seen them since we visited Kenya 10 years ago.  We had a WONDERFUL time.  I love, love, love having people over.  Thank you Lord!

Jacob has lots of GUY friends.  Two of them spent the night with us Saturday after the Winter Jam concert and then went to church with us.  Thank you Lord!

Jacob now has a regular band practice after school every Friday.  It's at the home of one of the mom's in my Mom's in Touch group, but she and I had nothing to do with our son's getting together.  Her son is in high school so he and Jacob never should have met.  Thank you Lord!

I got a certificate for a massage for Valentine's Day from a blog reader in Texas.  It was so totally unexpected and so very much appreciated.  Thank you Lord!

Lowe's was going to charge us $38 extra (on top of the $99 installation fee) to come out and measure for a microwave when I had already taken the measurements.  So I went to Home Depot and found another microwave for less money AND I used the gift card we got for Christmas.  Thank you Lord!

You know, Richmond may not be the promised land, but it's no desert either...


Anonymous said...

A picture of Nate and Will flashed on our computer screen a few minutes ago. Their white summer hair and blue eyes. Wow! We can't wait for some Salamy summer here! We miss you terribly. Who is going to help me if I have to have a section? Please pray for O.G. to flip! Love you! Shawna

Anonymous said...

Simple solution on Branson. Join us for the week that encompasses July 4. :) Jim

Anonymous said...

Dear Marlo
Thank you again for taking the time to continue to journal your life and thoughts. Your incredible faith and strength encourage me more than you will ever know. You are an amazing woman--sending you hugs! Your blog reader in Texas