Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Day Done!

Well, Audra and Will were finally able to start their new school today (even though the start time was two hours late because of the snow).  I walked them to their classes, met the teachers and then left them with fear and trembling.  When I met the bus this afternoon, Will could not say enough good things about the new school, his new teacher, and his new friends.  He loved everything.  One of the kids told him that he and another boy were "the two weirdest boys in class".  Whereas I might be offended, to Will this was an extreme compliment.  I asked him how they knew he was weird.  He said, "Well, I was quiet the first hour and then they started playing music so I started break dancing.  Then at lunch I sang the Hannah Montana theme song."  Wow, way to go Will!
Audra was not so thrilled with her first day.  She said she didn't talk, much less dance and sing.  I think 5th grade girls are a much harder crowd than 3rd grade boys.  Hopefully she will warm up to them and they will see how sweet she is.  More snow is in the forecast tomorrow so we'll see when/if they have their second day of school.


polly's path said...

Well, just like weird means cool to Will, at our school a freak means a smart kid. Go figure. My daughter told me last year that she was one of the "freaks", and just as I was about to "freak out" and get really upset and get my feelings hurt on her behalf, she proceeded to explain to me that in their school lingo that meant "really smart".
I'll take it.
Praying that Audra will find more friends than her heart can hold, soon!

Reba said...

I would guess you are right on with the fifth grade girl comment. It will take time. Glad Will had a good one...that is a good start!