Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In.... again....and again...and again....

Today is our sixth snow day this semester.  As you know, Audra and Will changed schools at the semester.  They have only been able to attend TWO days so far.  You will be glad to know that Audra's second day was much better than the first.  We are hoping her third day will be good (and soon).
Here's some photos I took of our life "back east".  Of course we have it MUCH better than some people who have been snowed in for five days so far.  I am NOT complaining.

This is a view of our back yard from the street.  Look at how TALL the trees are.  We are very glad that we have had snow and not ice.

Will snuggled up watching Sponge Bob.

Audra working on her Valentines and Jacob talking on the phone.  

Richard was on his way to work when his boss called and told him he was staying in.  So he came home and used his new coffee maker.  (Thanks Jim :-)


Reba said...

Hasn't this been a crazy weekend? I am in NWArk and we have had seven snow days this year. It is the most I have ever had. And there is rumor that we will get more in the next week. Ugh! Looks like you are enjoying your time!

Anonymous said...

Marlo and family,
Even in Deep East Texas we have sleet and snow today.! Not enough to be snowed or iced in, but exciting for this East Texas girl. Stay warm and safe. I absolutely love the butterfly!!!!

Nancy said...

Hope you guys are doing well!! In Deep East Texas we actually have 6 1/2 inches of snow on the ground!!! We love it but, am sure if we were snowed in for as long as you guys we would be weary also.