Sunday, January 10, 2010

Introducing Chip

We have a new member of the family---introducing Butterscotch "Chip" Salamy.  Born November 14, 2009. Adopted January 9, 2010.  We drove to Eden Farms yesterday and chose Chip from literally HUNDREDS of bunnies.  He is very cuddly with long golden hair and blue eyes.  Audra is very happy to finally get her Christmas present.


Liz said...

He is so fluffy!!! Cute!

Jennifer Linck said...

What a great Christmas gift!! I am sure Audra is super happy to be the proud owner of a bunny! Tell Audra I love the hat...she looks darling!

polly's path said...

I haven't seen a cuter bunny!

Jordyn said...

He's a cutie!!

Did anyone explain to you the importance of getting Chip neutered?

We have two bunnies and having them neutered has really stopped them from getting agressive.

Have fun with Chip and I'm looking forward to more pictures and stories :)

Pamela said...

The bunny is very cute and cuddly, but I like Audra's hat the best. (Probably has something to do with not having to clean its cage or anything). Can I have it? Just thought I'd ask. Pamela