Friday, August 13, 2010

Worst Day

I have a notebook that I started in 2006.  In it, I write down the kids' answers to a variety of questions.  I spend time with each one individually and ask things like, "Describe your perfect day.", "What do you want to be when you grow up?", "What are you afraid of?", and "What's your favorite food? (song, movie, etc.)"  This year I added, "Tell me about  the the worst day of your life."  Will's response was, "The day Anna died.  I remember going to breakfast.  I remember you coming to the Nuthman's to tell us she died."  I wasn't surprised by his answer because that was one of my worst days too, but I was surprised by Audra's answer.  I thought she might mention Anna's death or her funeral, or perhaps moving far away from her friends or even having to start a new school half-way through 5th grade.  No, she said her worst day was, "The day I was too sick to go to Hank's first birthday party."  Hank is the four-year-old son of a friend of ours and I don't remember his first  birthday, but evidently it was a pretty bad day for Audra.
I hope that whatever is happening in your life right now, that today is not your worst day.


Lauren said...

What a great idea!!! I love that.
And I am laughing at Audra's comment! I should start a book like that with mine... would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

There are pics of the party on our screen saver, and the boys commment tenderly all the time, reminding Hank all about our friend Anna. Audra is precious for her heart for Hank, family and friends. Or maybe she's just a party girl. You are so right (duh, agreeing with God) our time and days are precious. I'll remember to stop and kiss and hug as I send boys out the door in a rush these mornings. Can't believe you guys are still beaching it...awesome, and I won't mention it around here ;) Wish I had been in the seat next to you at Beth Moore. Hooray for trusting and perservering. My love, Stacy