Friday, August 20, 2010

New schools--again

We are enjoying the last few lazy days of summer.   On September 7 we will kick-off an exciting year.  Jacob is starting high school and Audra is starting middle school.  The other day we were at the high school paying Jacob's band fees and I said, "Oooh!  I am so excited about high school--all the football games and activities--it's so much fun!"  Audra said, "Aren't you excited about middle school?  Isn't it fun too?"  I didn't say this, but I was thinking, "Ummm, no.  It's not very fun.  It's a difficult stage of life and you will just have to get through it."  What I said was, "OF COURSE middle school is fun!"
Even though school hasn't started, we have started fall sports.  Jacob joined the cross country team so he has practice every day at 7am.  (Run Jacob run!)  Will is playing tackle football so he has practice every night at 6pm.  (He looks so cute in his pads and helmet.)  I am the football "team mom".  I'm thinking it must be a  lot of work since none of the returning moms wanted to do it so they recruited the new mom.
One year ago today we spent our first night in Richmond.  We made it through a year of "settling" and are now looking forward to a year of "building"--building relationships, responsibilities, and reputations.
Press on!

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