Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Believe

I just got off the phone with Santa.  SERIOUSLY!  We took Anna to North Pole City to meet him on November 3, 2007.  He has been trying to get in touch with us recently to get our permission to use Anna's story in a book he is writing.  What is interesting about the timing of the phone call is that yesterday morning I was walking and praying...
"Lord, I know you want me to share the things you have taught me, but the thought of writing a book is overwhelming.  Maybe I could write an article.  Would that be okay?  But what part of our story should I tell?  It's too long for an article."
Right away the thought came, "You could write about Santa Dan."
"Yes Lord, I think I could write about our visit to Santa.  I think I could write about how that came about and what we learned about Anna, about Santa, and about Jesus.  That's a good story."
Then today I got an email saying that Santa was trying to call me.  After he told me what he was doing, I said, "I'll send you my version of the story if you send me yours."
Did you know that Santa Dan has not only not forgotten Anna, but he actually took a picture of the butterfly she painted to a store to have it made into a pillow for his sleigh.   The owner of the store  recognized Anna's painting and said, "I know her.  I know her family."  It was Pat from Image Arts who has made tiles, cards, cutting boards, ties, etc. for us (and all the other Art With A Heart families).
So hold me accountable.  Ask me if I've finished started the article.  Pray that I will be faithful with what I have been given.


Liz said...

OH Marlo!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful! I love how God orchestrates those details!

And I don't know WHY but I feel compelled to share this verse with you. NO idea what it has to do with all of this, but God's put it on my heart as I was typing,'s Isaiah 52:7. I like the NIV version, but here are several to choose from: Make sure to read the verses before/after it as well!

Lauren said...

I love this, too, Marlo. I have been thinking of you so much lately. One of my dear friends just went to be with Jesus. She also fought hard against cancer.
I just got back from her service a bit ago. Your posts from years ago and also recently have served to encourage my faith and give hope.
I am so glad you are doing this!
love you.

Elaine said...


Visited your blog today and scrolled down to see what I might have missed as I have not checked many blogs throughout the summer. (I am Lauren Calabrese' friend). I love how God spoke to your heart right at the same time that Santa contacted you. And I am excited to read both stories. When my daughter, Amy, was alive we used to talk about writing a book. When she went home to the Lord I realized that would never be. I have written a few stories of things that touched me or where God showed me Himself ...think you understand what I mean. I need to print them so I don't lose them. I am rambling...but really so glad you are writing some stories about your sweet Anna. It was a priviledge for me to pray for her.