Thursday, March 31, 2011


Getting three kids to three different schools in the morning requires precision timing.  It's important to take Will to school in time to get back to the house before Audra's bus leaves.  (To avoid making a trip to her school I check to make sure she has her backpack, computer, flute, and lunch.  Also, I just like to say goodbye before she gets on the bus.)  This morning  we I was rushing to get out the door as usual.  My kids inherited their dad's temperament with regard to time.  They don't hurry.  As I was saying "Let's go!" and rushing to make sure Will had his shoes, backpack, lunch and coat, he stopped me and said, "I bet I can set the record for the number of nose flares in one minute."  "Excuse me???"  "Look.  See how fast I can do it."
He doesn't see the flurry of activity.
He doesn't notice the time.
And he expects me to stop and watch him flare his nostrils.

Last week Will informed us that he is the second best-looking boy in the 4th grade at his school.
"Oh, who is the best looking boy?"
"And who told you that you were the second best-looking boy?"

(PS.  I changed the name above to protect the identity of the best-looking boy at school.  There is only one person I know who would name his son Stokely and he lives in Oklahoma.)


Lauren said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! Tears rolling down my face!!! So funny!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely needed to read this- I am very much a "my way is the only right way" sort of person.