Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What time is it?

Ecclesiastes 3:1   There is a time for everything...
     time to go
     time to get up
     time for bed
     time for school
     time for your medicine
     time for your appointment
     time for your party
     time to begin
     time to stop

What is it time for in your life????

and a season for every activity under heaven...
     football season
     baseball season
     allergy season
     child bearing season
     child raising season
     empty nest season
     golden years

What season are you in????

We cannot change the time or the season we are in, but we can change...
     how we spend our time
     where we spend our time
     who we spend time with
     our minds
     our attitudes

1 comment:

Reba said...

Much needed words. I can say I haven't been particularly enjoying the season I am in (ornery toddler season). May need to work on that mind/attitude of mine...