Monday, May 3, 2010

Hunting wabbit

Audra got a bunny for Christmas.  He spent the first couple of months in our dining room, which made our house smell like a barn.  When the weather warmed up, we moved his cage to the screened in porch.  This was better, but it was still a mess.  We thought we would have to clean the cage less often he would be happier in a hutch in the yard.  I tried to find one on Craigslist, but wasn't having any luck.  So my parents ended up bringing a hutch all the way from Kansas and then spent a couple of hours setting it up while they were here.  I was happy.  Audra was happy.  We thought the rabbit was happy.  BUT,  the day after my parents left--before they even got all the way to Wichita--the rabbit dug a hole and escaped.  "No one tell Grammy and Papa!"  What they didn't know wouldn't make them mad hurt them.  About a week after his escape, I sent out an email to the neighbors.  Two days later we got a phone call that our rabbit was down the street in the neighbors azaleas.  We took three kids and a laundry basket to the rescue.  Audra spotted him and I reached in the bushes, grabbed him and held on tight.  It was like he wasn't happy to come home.  It was almost as if he was enjoying hopping around the neighborhood eating people's flowers.  So today poor Chip is back home in his deluxe two-story hutch... dreaming about the time he almost got away.

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