Friday, May 14, 2010

Play Ball!

On the way to the ball park last night Will kept saying, "I don't have on any underwear."  I just ignored him because he's always saying silly things and really, how can you forget to put on underwear?    Finally I said, "Are you serious?"  "YES, I don't have on any underwear!"  We had to turn around and go home because I stopped carrying extra underwear a long time ago.  (Evidently it got left off when he was putting on his athletic "equipment".)  THEN when he came back to the car, his pants were on inside out.  I was thankful for the good laugh.  Here are some pictures of him at the game--with underwear.
Will at bat.

He got a hit!

Will's on first.

Stealing 2nd base.

Waiting for a chance to run home.

Run Will run!

I didn't get a picture of him crossing home plate, but he did score and his team won the game 7-0.  There is not much better than watching little league ball on a spring day.

PS. After I wrote this entry, I tried to view my blog and the NetNanny filter we installed wouldn't let me see it because it had the forbidden category of "lingerie."  I hope this entry was not offensive to anyone--except NetNanny.


Reba said...

Too funny. I had a student once inform me they weren't wearing any that day (I took their word for it) because their mommy didn't get it out for them. :) Their mom worked at my school, so that was a laugh for us for a long time. Glad things all got settled. Oh, and not offensive at all...hard to offend too much with boys in the house. :)

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Pants on the Ground," Nate says, "Unders on the Head." Remember when they were in the "wearing underwear on the head" phase? That might have been just at my house. It was some kind of super hero I think...I'll have to get those pictures out! SN

Angie H. said...

Too funny.....

Anonymous said...

I thought my third grader was the only boy that did things like forget underwear and put their clothes on inside out. Thank you for making me feel like he is not alone! LOL