Monday, May 31, 2010

Got Underwear?

Will was baptized yesterday.  It was something for us to look forward to after Anna's birthday.  We had never actually seen a baptism at our new church because we are always  5 minutes late,  but we did get a letter explaining the process and what we needed to bring.  Well, apparently I didn't pay enough attention to those instructions.  Richard took Will to the mens dressing room before the service to change clothes.  After donning his robe, Will and Richard were standing on one side of the water and I was standing on the other side so that I could take pictures.  Richard mouthed the words, "Where are his underwear?"  Oops!  I had forgotten to put an extra pair in his bag.  I quickly realized the implications and  started gesturing and whispering, "Take the ones he is wearing off!  Take them off!  They are going to get wet!"  There was some confusion until Richard finally interpreted my frantic waving/sign language.  He whisked Will away during the opening song and got him back just in time.  He still had his white baseball pants on and as you know, he's used to wearing those without underwear.


Maria said...

How wonderful! My son was baptized by his daddy in a similar scenario last October. I know you and your family were proud! Congratulations!

polly's path said...

Your story sounds a bit like ours-except my daughter tried to do the backstroke out of the baptistry(is that what it's called?) and the preacher grabbed her by the robe like a wet kitten and encouraged her to climb the steps instead.