Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They're not in Kansas anymore...

My parents drove all the way from Kansas to see us last week.  They didn't come during a holiday so they had to fit their sightseeing in around school, ball games, track meets, and drama class.

We visited Meadow Farm where Audra got to shear a sheep.  They were having a special day called "Sheep to shawl."  We got to see the whole process of shearing, carding, spinning, and weaving.
Of course Jacob gravitated towards the musicians instead of the sheep.
While the kids were in school, I took my parents to Belle Isle.  It's a small island in the middle of the James River that was used during the Civil War as a prison.  
This is what it's used for today.  We took Jacob and his friends there a couple of Sundays ago.
Here we are waiting for Jacob's track meet to start.  Did I mention that is was cold while they were here?
The race is on!  Run Jacob run! (He's the one in the middle)
I did manage to get help with a few projects.  My dad finished painting the bathroom...
and hung the antique telephone.  
My mom gave Audra some crazy pearl things that expand in water.  You are supposed to put them in a vase and add flowers.  We don't have any flowers so we (Audra and Will) just play with them.  I am finding them all over the house.
Will enjoyed having another person in the house to play with.
They taught us a new card game that everyone could play.
Thanks for coming to see us Grammy and Papa.  Come back again soon!
Who's next????

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Reba said...

It looks like a fun time for all! You may have a long guest list after this post. Have a good rest of the week!