Thursday, October 1, 2009


I told you yesterday that I spoke with a volunteer.  She was not aware of all of the programs that the group offered.  I emailed the chaplain when I got home and found that they have a bereavement group starting TONIGHT.  I can't go  because I am going to a book dedication/worship time with Travis Cottrell that I am very excited about,  BUT I will go next Thursday.   Thanks Shelley for connecting me to other grieving parents, and please come back to my house.  The bathrooms are clean now!


polly's path said...

Sounds like things are falling into place then! So glad you are finding ways to get plugged in. I am sure by this time next year you will have TOO MUCH to do.

By the way, Will Salamy, you can draw, buddy! I appreciate you telling me you didn't trace the picture you sent me-my daughter draws a lot and always has to clarify that about her pictures, too.I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Liz said...

Travis in Beth Moore's Travis Cottrell? Maybe I need to go back & read the last entry. I haven't read it yet & maybe you already answered this!