Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just in time

Yesterday I arranged access to our stuff in storage.  I found out that it involves more than just getting a key to the garage.  Our things are packed into 10 large wooden crates.  They had to bring the crates to the warehouse and then wrench the ends off so that I could see inside.  I tried not to think about my piano and china jammed inside.  Of course my "access" was limited to what was near the edge unless I wanted to unload everything and put it back.  But just in time for the cool weather that rolled in today, I found the boys' flannel sheets, our gloves and hats,  and Richard's sweaters. I also found a box of games, my small crock pot and other treasures.  In one of the boxes of winter things I found an 8x10  photo of our whitewater rafting  trip six years ago, my fancy white beaded handbag, and a little almond guy on a pedestal that says "I'm nuts about my grandpa."  (Will picked it out at the school Christmas store for Richard--before he could read!)  I grabbed our stockings and a couple of boxes of Christmas lights, but left the other decorations.  I told the man who was helping me, "If we are still in the condo at Christmas there is no way my husband will let me buy anymore lights."  (Last year I went a little crazy at the after Christmas sales and of course I wanted to bring ALL the lights to Virginia.)   As he was loading the snowboards and sleds into the car, my helper said, "Ummm...are you expecting it to snow?"  Evidently, contrary to popular belief in Oklahoma, it doesn't snow much in Richmond in spite of it being what we would call, "back east".  I said, "Well, if it does snow, I want to be prepared!"  I never did find the box with most of my winter clothes including my boots.  I guess we will have to buy a house soon, or I will have to get new boots.  In order for the kids to finish out the year at their current schools, we have to stay in the district until February 1.  So unless we find a house in this neighborhood, we will be "camping out" at the condo for a few more months.  That's okay by me.  I have everything I need....except boots.


Reba said...

I am thinking that boots are cheaper than a house. :) I will admit...I think "east", I think snow. Hmmm, learned something today!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marlo meant to tell you this last night. My most vivid memory of Richmond was moving down from New York as a young eleven year old. Well, in NY we had snow and never saw grass until Spring. RVA got the biggest snow that year, school was out for a whole week(in NY we had equipment to clear so we thought it was funny). We had the best bonfires and trails and all the neighborhood kids came out to play every night. In the four years that we lived in OKC it didn't snow like that. So maybe it will come again, every now and then VA Beach, Raleigh, NC and RVA gets hit hard.....there's still hope!