Monday, October 5, 2009


We had an offer on our house Saturday and now we are playing the back-and-forth counter offer game--trying to find a number that makes everyone happy.  Well, at least a little less unhappy.  We think our house is worth MUCH more than the "market" says it is.  To us it is priceless.  And there's the problem.  I thought I would be happy to sell the house and instead, the last two nights, I have been crying before I go to sleep.  It's just so sad to think of someone else living there.  I feel like I'm losing another part of Anna, but really it's a part of myself since I have SO many memories of all of our kids there.  Even the bathtub that needs to be replaced--I used to bathe three kids at a time in there!  The yard--the perfect place for all of our parties, picnics, and play.  The fireplace--so cozy with our little ones in their footie pajamas gathered round roasting marshmallows.  The kitchen--loved those family dinners with all six of us around the table.  Sigh.  Moving is hard.  Moving on is harder.
Last night I asked the kids where they felt most at home.  Two of them said "here".  They didn't mean Richmond.  They didn't mean they love this condo.  They meant here with our family.  So this is home for now.  No home on this earth is forever.  We will make memories here and when we finally sell our house, we will move again and make memories somewhere else.  I have to keep reminding myself to look forward, not back.  As the name of the blog reminds me, PRESS ON!

I am having a hard time finding a house here.  Part of the problem is that I can't find anyplace with a backyard as nice as the one we are enjoying in this rental unit.  This is the view from our deck.

When you step out our back door there is a path that leads to the creek.

He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.
(Ps. 23:2-3)


Shelley said...

You know that I can relate to most of what you said! Love the photos of the woods.

Yay about the house offer. I'm sure you've heard this, but they say that your first offer is oftentimes your best one (even though you might think it stinks). So work, work, work it as hard as you can. ;-) I'm excited to hear what happens!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying about moving....I feel like I have been "transplanted" one too many times. I have learned that if mom is greiving too much about the other home it can affect the children. If "we" especially are content then they become content. I even grieved when my sister moved from Colorado because I missed all of the memories of driving my kids from OKC, staying for a week with cousins. Now they are all growing up and we are loosing those moments and they are few and far between. Your house holds special memories for me and my family. But it's just not the house, it's you all, I'll never forget calling you the first time in OKC when I heard from Mohammod that you were living there. I had nothing, no dishes, no furniture. You invited us over for dinner and had a special birthday cake for Brianna. I still have the picture at our last Christmas together...Brianna holding Anna, Jacob, Aaron, Audra and little many memories....they are still a part of us, but like you said we need to press on, the memories will always be a part of us, but now we look to the future anticipating what God is going to do!

JA in Shelby, NC