Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Family Affair

We are an equal opportunity family, so after enjoying a visit from the Salamys it was time to spend a few days with my parents...

We took them to see  a couple of Will's ballgames...

Under a beautiful sky!

Will is especially good at stealing bases.

Then we went to Audra's school to watch her track meet.
Go Audra go!

We love having a table full of people whether we are outside...

Or inside.
(Notice the TV on in the background.  We were watching the tornado reports in Oklahoma.)

Will loved just hanging out in the backyard...

But he REALLY loved getting to go to Dave and Busters with Papa.

We are so glad when family comes to see us!

And this time they left behind these beautiful stained glass windows in our entryway--hand crafted by my dad.
Thanks Grammy and Papa!


Reba said...

Looks like a good visit with family. The windows are BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

Handcrafted stained glass windows? That's an impressive hobby. And it is gorgeous!
Amy S