Friday, February 18, 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow.....maybe

Will is sick.  The doctor says it's probably the flu which means he'll get over it eventually.  But it's been six days.  Six days of fever.  Six days of laying on the couch.  Six days of staying home.  Six days of trying to find something that he will eat.  Six days of taking his temperature.   Six days of hoping that tomorrow will be better.
It's all very familiar.  Even though I know in my head that Will will be fine, the feelings that have been stirred up in my heart are exactly the same as the ones I used to have.  Anna was sick for almost three years.  Three years of being confined to the house.  Three years of laying on the couch.  Three years of trying to find things she would eat.  Three years of taking her temperature.  Three years of being aware that every laugh, every family dinner, every walk outside, every breath is a gift.  Three years of hoping the next day would be better.
Hopefully Will's fever will be gone tomorrow and so will my anxiety.  Do I have to go through this  every time one of my children is sick?  Every time one of my grandchildren is sick?   Maybe.   Or perhaps there is a way out...

I sought the Lord and he answered me;  he delivered me from all my fears. (Psalm 34:4)


Darla said...

Sorry he is sick!

Marianne said...

Wow, I learn so many things when you share!! I never would have thought of this struggle. Thanks for your honesty and sharing. I feel like God puts these things from you in my head for future reference and empathy. Like they will help to have empathy at some point, where I may not have otherwise. Not sure if that makes sense, but I am storing away these nuggets!! I want God to be able to use me!!

Btw, I too have been confined to the house for two weeks part of it for my own infirmity and then for my little man who has that stinkin' croup!! My precious little seal!!

Hang in there friend!!