Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I found it...and I wasn't even looking

Do you remember back in December when I lost my ring?  I thought it was gone for good.  But this morning I found it!  I was cleaning out the hall closet and decided to go through the glove box to see if there were any we could get rid of.  When I pulled out all the gloves, there was my ring sitting on the bottom of the box!  It must have come off in my gloves.  I had looked in my gloves, but I had never looked in the box.  I never even thought to do that.  I would never have cleaned out that box except Will has been sick for four days and I am running out of things I can do while sitting in the living room with him.
As I sat down to write this post, I read back through my December 7 entry and remembered the fear I battled during those first days and weeks of Anna's diagnosis.  It made me think about a friend of mine who is fighting cancer.  Last night I talked to her daughter and she told me that her mom said, "I need something to look at."  Just before I started cleaning out the closet, I  put a card in the mail to her with a verse on it about God delivering us from our fears.  I thought she could look at that verse and meditate on it.  But now I think God showed me where the ring was so that I could pass it on to her.  I think she needs to wear a physical reminder to trust God during this hard time--just like I needed to six years ago.
So hello ring and goodbye.  I have learned to trust God without you reminding me.  Someone else needs you now.


Lisa Lawrence said...

That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. Going through challenges right now, and I am embarrassed to say as trying as it is, it in NO way compares to the challenges you have had to face. And yet I can still feel my faith slipping some days and then I come here to the blog of a person I have never met, who I found by accident, and then feel so ashamed but also so inspired and gain strength and find that faith again. Thank you for that.


Shelley B. said...

Another moving one... ;)