Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My funny valentine

Valentine's Day is NOT my favorite holiday.  It's not because I don't love my husband or that he doesn't love me.  It's not that I hate chocolate and flowers.  It's because since 2005 it's been a day associated with sickness.  That year we had planned to go out, but Anna was sick with what we thought was a virus.  I remember how blissfully ignorant I was of events that were about to unfold a few days later when we received her cancer diagnosis.
The next year, she was sick with a fungal infection and having trouble breathing.  The next year we were flying to Delaware for surgery and got snowed in in Chicago.  The next year she was gone and Audra was sick.  Last year I think it was Jacob and this year it's Will.
So forget the romance and the candlelight dinners and pass the chicken noodle soup and Gatorade.  After all, it's like Richard's mom told me, "Every day is Valentines Day when you are married to a Salamy."

Funny Story:
Last week I came home and showed Will the new carrot peeler I bought.  (I love carrots and I wore out my old peeler.)  He looked at me funny and I said, "Did Dad buy me a carrot peeler?"  He said, "I'm not saying."  So I put the one I bought back in the bag and hid it in my closet--just in case.  Then this weekend we were at the mall and Richard said that he was going to buy me some striped socks (they were on my Christmas list, but I didn't get any).  He said, "Since you are here, why don't you just pick some out."  I called my sister later and said, "I think Richard got me a carrot peeler and socks for Valentines Day."  It turns out that he also got me a nice wallhanging that matches my new green kitchen.  After I opened it I asked, "Where's my carrot peeler?"  He forgot he had that and swears that it was never intended to be a Valentine's gift.

Another Funny Story:
While we were at the mall, I was shopping with Audra while Richard and Will were at the Apple Store.  After buying Audra some shoes at Dillards, I thought I would look in the lingerie department.  (I haven't given up all hope for a romantic Valentine's Day someday.)  Audra looked around at the negligees and said, "I just don't get this stuff?  Why would you wear these?  Do women wear them under their clothes?"  I said, "Let's go find Dad and Will."  After dropping her off, I was headed back to Dillards and happened to pass Victorias Secret.  Oh well, why not?   When I walked in, the salesgirl asked if I was looking for anything in particular.  I told her I needed a nightgown.  She said, "Most of the cotton is in the back."
Maybe I just look like I like cotton.  Maybe I was wearing a lacy negligee under my jeans and sweater!
She was right.
I like cotton.
I like striped socks and carrot peelers.
And I will spend another Valentines Day with throw up bowls and thermometers.
Oh well, maybe next year!


THE LEA'S said...

For Valentines Day my hubby was the one sick in our house. He found out today that he has an infection in his prostrate gland. He is in a lot of pain...no romance for us either. We follow the same policy that it is Valentines Day everyday in our home. I did love your stories! Hope your kiddo is well soon. Dawn

Reba said...

Love the stories. I am the same way...every day is Valentine's here. I don't need the pressure of it just being on one day. :) Gives me 364 more days to share the love with my love.