Thursday, June 17, 2010

5th grade graduation

Audra's 5th grade graduation celebration was much easier for me than Sunday's service.   The ceremony itself was boring, long, your typical graduation ceremony.  But when it was over, the kids changed out of their Sunday best and into their Survivor gear.  The tribes enjoyed a school-wide scavenger hunt, gummy worms, water games, cake, inflatables,  watermelon, obstacle course, chips, door prizes, cookies, DJ games, sno cones, a visit from the middle school cheerleaders, chicken, a slide show, and pizza.  Much fun was had by all as they celebrated the end of elementary school.
Audra "before"

Audra "after"

Audra and her fellow tribesmengirls

Did I mention that there was food?

Enjoying a sno cone while listening to the DJ 

Thank you PMS cheerleaders!  (Pocahontas Middle School)


Reba said...

How fun! My son graduated fifth grade this year, but they just went roller skating when it was done. I did get teary but by the end, I was just ready for it to be over. :)

Doug and Heidi said...

Great fun...I have to say though, I am laughing about the name of the school PMS, really???