Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who do we think we are?

I am reading a book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.  I do not recommend reading this book unless you want to be called out and challenged to live your life differently.  In the second chapter Chan asks the question, "Who do we think we are?"
Imagine that you are an extra in a motion picture.  You would watch the movie intently looking for the back of your head in a sea of hundreds of other extras.  Maybe your mom and your best friend would get excited about that 2/5 of a second you appeared.
But what if you rented out the theater and invited everyone you knew to see the movie because it was about you.  They would think you were crazy because it would be obvious to everyone else that the movie was not about you.
But isn't that the way we live our lives?  We think it's all about us.  We think that we are the star of the show.  We don't stop to consider that...

God created the world.
The people rebelled against God.
God chose a man named Abram to be the father of a nation.
God chose Moses, and Joseph, and other great men (supporting cast) and worked through them.
God judged his people because they refused to obey.
God sent his Son out of love for his people.
The Son of God died and was resurrected and went back to live with God.
God reigns on his throne in Heaven.

From start to finish, the movie is obviously about God.  He is the main character.  So why do we live as though it is about us?  Our scene in the movie falls somewhere between the resurrection of Jesus in Acts and the time when we will worship at His throne in Heaven (Revelation).  We have about 2/5 of a second-long scene to live.   The purpose of your life is to point to Him whether you are in the midst of good circumstances or bad.  It's not about you.  The movie is really all about Him.

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Anonymous said...

Would you believe we just finished that in our group with Stacy and Steve? I think you would. I recall Ted Cunngham telling us that Chan was his wife Amy's favorite pastor. Like when you said Jim was your favorite lawyer...
Thinking of you and the lovely plans I know are in store for your day. love, Stacy