Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In

We were supposed to leave for Wichita this morning, but instead we are COVERED in snow--at least 12 inches so far.  The kids are really enjoying the winter whiteness.  We borrowed a shovel from our neighbor, but I don't think it will be enough to get us out from under all this.   I am thankful for electricity, a warm fire, and that we are not stuck on the side of the road somewhere.  I am sorry that I loaned our sleds to the people who are keeping the hamster and I am sorry that I let my pantry get depleted because we were supposed to be traveling.  Nevertheless, my goal is to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow.  Richard says we'll get there when we get there!


Lauren said...

WOW!! I am sure your kids are lovin that!!!! Mine had snow-envy when they saw your pics!!!
will pray for you guys!

Reba said...

Look at all that snow! We have nothing (much to my kids' dismay). I do hope you will be on your way soon. Until then, enjoy the "winter" weather for all of us.