Monday, November 9, 2009

Restore unto me

Yes, I am excited about the house.  Yes, I am enjoying the fall colors.  Yes, I have much to be thankful for.  Yet, this time of year is hard.  It was hard in OKC and it's still hard in VA.  Call it "seasonal affective disorder," "post traumatic stress," or whatever else you want, it's still hard.  I have to work to keep the tears from spilling out.  They are so near the surface.  The smallest bump makes them overflow.
So this is my prayer and my song today--for me and for anyone else who struggles with overflowing tears...

Cast me not away from Your presence, O Lord
And take not Your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore unto me the joy of My salvation
And renew a right spirit within me.

(Lyrics from "Create in me a clean heart", taken from Ps. 51:11-12)


Doug and Heidi said...

praying for you Marlo!

Elaine said...

Sending some hugs today. It has been 11 yrs. since my sweet daughter went home to the Lord yet I still have "those days". Praying for comfort from the Lord for you!

Nicolee McCowen said...

This IS a very difficult time of year. Your words are always encouraging. I think of you and your family often. Praying for your house to sell and for the upcoming holidays.