Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Richard's birthday is Sunday.  A few days ago he made up a bday/Christmas "wish list" and gave it to me to send to our parents.  At dinner I casually mentioned that I added a few things to his list.  Richard  looked at me and Jacob said, "You didn't add socks did you?"  I paused, then said, "Well, he needed some white ones."  They all burst out laughing.  "MOM, socks are not gifts!"  Can I help it if I have received socks and underwear every year for Christmas my whole life and so to me they are perfectly acceptable gifts?  My family knows me too well and for that, they are ALL going to get socks for Christmas!!!!

All Richard REALLY wants for his birthday is for our house in OKC to close so that it doesn't keep us from buying the house here.  Hopefully all the paperwork will get where it needs to be....SOON!

Try, try again

At Audra's old school she loved being the star of the show.  She loved to act and sing on stage and the music teacher gave her plenty of opportunities.  Recently she tried out for a solo in the 5th grade Veteran's Day program.  (She has a beautiful voice and I would say that even if I wasn't her mother.)  She didn't get it.  So the next week, she raised her hand indicating that she would like a speaking part.  She didn't get it.  BUT on Friday she came home and told me that her teacher had chosen what she thought were the four best Veteran's Day essays.  She read them in front of the class without revealing the authors and then the class voted on which one they thought was the best.  They chose Audra's!  So she gets to read her essay at the assembly this afternoon.  I am so proud of her.  I am mostly proud that she doesn't give up and she keeps trying.  You go girl!


Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter. Congratulations Audra.

Lauren said...

Way to go, Audra! I am glad she was persistent!
And, praying for your house situation.. that Richard would get his birthday wish!

love from Texas~~