Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quote from Will (who is no Charles Spurgeon)

Yesterday Will decided to wear his pajamas until dinner.  When he went to bed I told him, "Don't put those clothes in the dirty-clothes."  He asked, "Why?"  I explained that he had only worn them  for a couple of hours.  He said, "But I got them OUT of the dirty-clothes."

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite husband.  You have a strength and wisdom you cannot see, but I am thankful I get to live with you and lean on you when times are hard.  I look forward to pressing on together to the future God has in store for us!


Anonymous said...

Will's way would sure save on laundry. I love it

Michelle Murphy said...

Happy Birthday to Richard from the Murphys!

Btw, do you have a husband or two who aren't your "favorite"? :)