Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Still thankful after all these months...

I am pressing on to finish my list of 1,000 things I'm thankful for before my birthday in April.   I hope you are still working on your lists.

802. Touch screen Coke machines (if you haven't seen one yet, they are SO cool)
805. Popcorn with milk duds (these taste best when eaten at the movie theater)
806. Free refills at Chic Fil A (I especially love the lady who comes to my table and gets my cup and brings it back full)
810. A sunrise on the beach
816. A song leader who takes requests
821. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts (doesn't happen often enough)
827. Planning a party
830. A blanket of darkness covering our sleep (so thankful that God turns out the lights and says "Rest")
831. Feeling lonely and friendless and wanting to go "home" (I hate it when I feel this way, but I try to be thankful because it reminds me that this world is not my home and it forces me reach out to different people.)
835. Milk and Twinkies at midnight
837. God with us (an amazing thought!)
847. Kids big enough to help (and especially a daughter who will do dishes for as long as she has music to sing to)
848. A new mom at Mom's In Prayer (love this group of women who get together each Friday to pray for their  kids)
849. Praying for Audra's future husband and his parents (Did you know that you can do that????)
850. Father/daughter dances
852. Clean water from the tap (so easy I take it for granted)
854. A de-cluttered closet
857. Remembering to slow down
858. My first time to make a chicken pot pie
861. An invitation to have coffee--even though I don't drink coffee
863. Learning something new
877. Snuggling on the couch between Richard and Will
880. Lemonade stands in February
882. A future and a hope
885. A chocolate cherry fudge cake waiting for company (If you are feeling lonely, invite someone over for dinner.)
887. Butterfly bananas

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Reba said...

I always love your list...oh, and that pot pie looks delish!