Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29 Extra

What are you doing with your "extra" day today?  I just got back from driving downtown to save the convenience fees for my birthday present.  It wasn't very convenient because it was raining and took longer than I thought, but I figured it was worth $40.  Now I have to act surprised when Richard gives me BRIAN REGAN TICKETS--Yippee!

Now for the rest of our extra day... I have challenged the kids (and myself) to find 29 "extra" things that they no longer need or want.  We are going to toss them (if they are trash) or put them in the garage sale pile (if they are someone else's treasure) to raise money for Jacob's trip to Nepal this summer.  (More on that later!)  Here's what I've got so far...

Some other recent happenings....

Richard went to Peru and ate..... I don't know what.

While we stayed home and had chocolate fondue with some old friends from Africa.

Speaking of food...Jacob has decided to be a vegan for Lent.  That means no animal products (meat or dairy) which means that we get to try recipes like this one...

 It wasn't so bad as long as you didn't look at what you were eating.

 Last week it snowed on Sunday and then was 80 degrees on Thursday.  On Monday we went tubing at Wintergreen.

 This is Jacob and his friend Sam.  I will let the picture speak for itself.

Friday I took Will (#12) and a buddy to their school skate night.  I did the Hokey Pokey for the first time in ? years.  I was more afraid of falling at 44 than I was at 14, but I managed to avoid any permanent damage.  No pictures of me, but I do have this one of a very happy guy in a blue shirt.

Saturday Jacob played his banjo in the school variety show.  (So proud! It almost makes up for wearing shorts in the snow.)

I hope you enjoy your extra day today!

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