Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Fun

Sittie and Pop came to visit us.  They were able to attend some of the kids' activities.  This is Jacob before his cross country race.  He has his last meet tomorrow.  We are very proud of him for trying a new sport this year.
Run Jacob run!  This picture looks like he is either way ahead or way behind.  Actually he was somewhere in the middle.
Richard and I took Sittie and Pop to pick apples while the kids were at school.  We took home 15lbs and made apple crisp, apple cake, and baked apples.
This is Audra showing off her new dress on her way to Cotillion.  Thank you Sittie for the early Christmas present!
Jacob enjoyed his first high school homecoming dance.

Will changed his mind at the last minute and decided he didn't want to be a Wheaties box for Halloween.  Can you see how excited he is?  He looked this way until he got to the first house and they gave him a PRIZE for having the best costume.  Unfortunately it wasn't made for running from house to house and it kept falling apart.  I went home while he was trick-or-treating and found something else for him to wear.
He ended up as a cave man with an afro.  He was getting so much candy, he didn't care what he wore.
Halloween is HUGE here.  The whole neighborhood was decorated and people were roasting marshmallows around fire pits on their driveways.  My neighbor said that last year 300 kids came to her door.
I can't end without telling you about the 90 yard touchdown Will got last weekend.  I didn't get a picture of it because I didn't even know it was him until it was over.  I was saying, "Who is that kid?"  I couldn't read his number until he got to the endzone.  Then I yelled, "That's my kid!"

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