Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Day at a Time

This weekend Audra got out the baby books.  They brought back memories of a happy time in my life.  I loved when my kids were little.  I loved being able to put them all in the bathtub together.  I loved laying next to them while they fell asleep.  I loved carrying them on my hip.
But those days are gone.
Today they take showers--long showers by themselves.  Today I get a goodnight kiss, but no one needs me to stay in their room to ward off the bad guys.  Today they are too big to be carried.
I started reading Jacob's book and all of the cute things that he used to do and say.  For example, when he was 4 we saw a funeral procession.  I was driving so I pulled the car over and explained what was going on.  When I pointed out the hearse that was carrying the body of the person who had died, Jacob said, "Why didn't that person go to heaven?"  I told him that when you die, your body doesn't go to heaven.  He thought about that for a minute and then exclaimed, "You mean just your HEAD goes?!" Smile.
I  haven't written in his book in a long time, because burping and playing loud music isn't as "cute" as shooting pretend arrows with a clothes hanger while wearing underoos and cowboy boots.  But as I was watching Jacob sit on the couch and play his banjo, I thought, "This is a happy time too."
How did we go from playing with a flyswatter to playing a banjo?
From wearing a super hero cape to wearing skinny jeans?
From playing in the dirt to photography?
From eating "kie-coos" (cookies) to making crepes?
How did it happen?  It seems like a long time ago and yet seems like it was yesterday.  All of those years, and all of those changes--from baby, to boy, to teenager--happened one day at a time.  I realized as I watched him that today was going to pass into tomorrow and into the day after that and into next year and then one day he would be a grown man.
One day at a time.  
So I am determined not to spend my time missing the boy he was, but enjoying the young man that he is.  Because tomorrow he will be different--maybe not enough so that I can see it--but not the same as he is today.

Lord, our lives are made up of years and our years are made up of days.  Each day is important.  Each day is a gift.  Help me to make the most of this day.


Anonymous said...

Oh how true these words are. The days fly by and we need to be reminded to hold each one in our hearts. Every moment is to be treasured. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

Walking Through the Cancer said...

My children are grown & gone, but even though they are not "children" anymore, they are still "my children" and I am still "the mom".
Whether they are 10 or 25 or 55, as long as I am here, they are still my babies. That never changes. I still worry with them & for them, laugh with them, cry with them, enjoy proud moments with them. God gives us that gift...the gift of our children, no matter where they are or how old they are...they are still ours & we are given the gift of watching them grow into the people that God would have them be.
Thank you Marlo, this was a beautiful post.

The Barrow's said...

Just a note to say how much I enjoy reading the things you write. God has given you a gift and you are putting it to good use! Do you have any books inside?? :)