Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer 2011

My posts have been few and far between this summer because we have been busy!  (And on the days we weren't busy, the computer was "busy" with three other people wanting to use it :-)
We started off the summer with Will attending his first major league baseball game.  I think it was a hit!

We tried to make the most of our season passes to King's Dominion.  This particular roller coaster (The Intimidator) has a 305 foot vertical drop--not my favorite--which is why I'm taking the picture instead of riding.  I think Jacob and Audra are in the front row of this one.
Will worked on his back dive at the pool.  (Check out the unknown person going off the high dive!)

We kissed Jacob goodbye and sent him off for an unforgettable week in Rome.

We enjoyed a romantic evening with four kids at the drive-in theater.

We celebrated the 4th of July at the ballpark.  Yes, that is a tarp and a deluge you see.

We enjoyed several outdoor movies on the driveway.

We went fishing.

We relaxed on the beach (when we weren't getting stung by jellyfish).

We pet lemurs...
and rhinos...

but we did not pet the penguins...

even though they asked for it.

We visited friends in Oklahoma.

We visited Anna's grave.

We hung out at Pop's...

and we hung out with Pop.

We attended a family reunion with my mom and three of her brothers and their families.

We survived a hurricane (and an earthquake).

And we cleaned up after the storm.

We opened our own business.

And we rock hopped on the James River.

Well, some of us rock hopped and some of us played our ukelele.

It's been a good summer.  

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