Thursday, January 6, 2011

C U in DC

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit Washington DC and see a newly elected US Representative sworn in.  Two years ago James Lankford was working in Oklahoma as the director of the state Baptist youth camp, when he felt like God wanted him to run for congress.  In faith, he quit his job and started his campaign.  No one thought he could win because he didn't have any political experience.    But, on Tuesday he was ceremonially sworn in to represent the 5th district of Oklahoma. There were about 50 of his friends and family who journeyed to DC to be a part of the celebration.   Although we lived the closest, it was still an all day affair, but well worth the time and effort.  We are so glad we were able to be there!
 We got there just in time to take a tour of the capital building before the ceremony.
 It's impossible to tell from this picture, but the statue of Liberty (her body, not the base) could fit inside the dome with room left over.
 Inside the rotunda--on the right is our tour guide.  In our group there were people from Germany, China,  France, Japan, Nigeria, and Mexico--and our guide could speak all of their languages!
 Audra is standing under the painting of Pocahontas being baptized.  Audra attends Pocahontas Middle School!
 Each state donated two statues to the capital.  We found one of the ones from Oklahoma.
 This is one of the newest presidential statues--Ronald Reagan.  Chunks of the Berlin wall make up part of the base.  The man from Germany loved seeing that.
 Richard's favorite part of the tour was the old Supreme Court room.
 After the tour we walked across the street to the House Agriculture committee room.  It had a balcony that overlooked the capital.
 Frank Lucas from Oklahoma's 3rd district performed the swearing in ceremony.
 I hope the kids remember James' speech, but I'm afraid all they will remember is the metro.  This is Will being disappointed because we did not ride in the last car.  I think he thought it would be like a roller coaster and the last car would be more exciting.  I was afraid that there would be gang members in the last car.  Which one of us is more childish?????
 We embarrassed Jacob who was trying to be cool and act like he had done this before.
We had a great day and are looking forward to our next visit to DC.  

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